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The raid program

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Empéfy à Madagascar en Montgolfière

1timestep: Empéfy

Arrival of the crew during the weekend of November 4 and 5.

Monday 6:

  *  Loading hot air balloons on pickups,

  *   Administrative formalities with civil aviation,

  *  transfer to Ampéfy  at the hotel "My Hotel".

Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8, Thursday 9:

- 3 morning flights over the region of the Ampéfy volcanoes, and the second largest lake in Madagascar.

Antsirabe en Montgolfière (Madagascar)

2thstage: Antsirabe

Arrival of the crews in Antsirabe, Thursday afternoon at the hotel "Royale hotel"..

Friday 10, Saturday 11, Sunday 12:

- 3 Morning flights over the Antsirabe region, with an overview of the city, the surrounding plains, with varied crops, rice fields and volcanoes on the edge of mountain ranges.

Raid en Montgolfière à Madagascar
soirée entre pilote à Madagascar

Relaxing evening

Sunday evening arrived at the "Lac Hôtel"... relaxing evening in the company of the drivers and a local music group to liven up the evening in a sumptuous setting.

Monday morning: rest.

Ambalavo en Montgolfière (Madagascar)

3thstep: Ambalavo

Arrival of the crew on Monday afternoon at the "Bougainville" hotel.

Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15, Thursday 16:

- 3 Morning flights over the Ambalavo region over mountains, espaliered rice fields, and small bush villages.

Fenoarivo en Montgolfière (Madagascar)

4thstage: Fenoarivo

Thursday 16 afternoon: arrival of crews in the plain of Fenoarivo in a camp of tents... in the middle of the bush...

Friday 17, Saturday 18:

- 2 Morning flights over the mountains of "Vohipotsy". These mountains are composed of several monoliths of pink granite, culminating at more than 300 m high,

Isalo en Montgolfière (Madagascar)

5thstage: Isalo

Saturday 18 afternoon: Arrival of the crew at the hotel "Les jardins du Rois" where you can enjoy a magnificent swimming pool in a sumptuous setting. 

Sunday 19, Monday 20, Tuesday 21:

- 3 Morning flights over the sandstone mountains of Isalo Park. 

décollage au pied des baobabs en Montgolfière

Last stop: The Baobabs

Tuesday 21: transfer of crews by plane to Morondava at the "Laguna Beache" hotel with their feet in the ocean... Wednesday 22: rest day by the ocean while waiting for the hot air balloons.

Thursday 23, Friday 24, Saturday 25:

- 3 Morning flights with take-off at the foot of the alignment of Baobabs classified as UNESCO heritage.

End of raid... Return to Antananarivo by plane or by road.

une aventure humaine en montgolfière

A human adventure

Discovering Madagascar is:

explore the daily life of Malagasy people, discover local music and crafts, visit markets, hike in nature reserves, discover Malagasy cuisine and participate in a local development project.

Madagascar is a country rich in cultural traditions and natural resources, offering an authentic and varied human experience.

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